UMa & UMi – The Begining

 Discover the Magic of UMa & UMi: Precious Gifts for Cherished Moments

UMa & UMi is a brand dedicated to creating precious gifts for the most important and memorable events in the lives of children and their parents. Our products are designed as universal gifts that will remind you of the happiest moments in your family's life for many years to come.

 Unique and Thoughtful Collections

In the collections from UMa & UMi, you will find jewellery that makes a special gift for any holiday or family celebration. Our website showcases bright and original silver bracelets on nylon cords, graceful silver pendants, and adorable stud earrings that will captivate your heart. The first collections of our brand, including "Star Bear Cubs," "Our Secrets," "Little Princess," and "Fable Heroes," are crafted from original design sketches by leading designers worldwide. These pieces are not just jewellery but bright, stylish, and original gifts that bring smiles, joy, and happy emotions.

 Detailed Product Catalog

By browsing the catalog on our website, you can explore photos and detailed characteristics of all our products. Many of our jewellery items and their components are designed to be combined, offering a great opportunity to delight your child with multiple gifts. For example, you can pair a beautiful pendant on a silver chain with an elegant and delicate handmade "Butterfly" bracelet. A cute silver pendant perfectly matches a Panda-shaped braided bracelet, and stud earrings from the same set complete the look.

Special Touches for Every Gift

All jewellery from the UMa & UMi brand comes with an original postcard where you can write a heartfelt message for the celebration. Additionally, we offer stylish, high-quality packaging that not only protects the product from damage but also adds a unique decorative touch to the gift.

 Explore and Get Inspired

The UMa & UMi website is more than just a catalog of memorable children’s gifts. Our "Journal" section features the latest news about global trends and inspirational articles about gifts for children. Here, you will find useful advice on various related topics, helping you make informed and thoughtful gift choices.

 Enchanting Tales for Young Fans

A special feature of our website is our kind and funny Star Bear Cubs-Heroes, friends of Umi Bear. Their amusing adventures are featured in fairy tales, becoming an essential part of bedtime reading for our youngest fans. At UMa & UMi, we aim to bring smiles and laughter to children as often as possible. Remember, our jewellery is more than just adornments; they are unique, magical gifts that turn every girl into a little princess!

Explore the enchanting world of UMa & UMi, and find the perfect precious gift to create lasting memories for your loved ones.