Warranty and Refund Policy


Warranty and Refund Policy 

  1. Return and exchange of new goods
  2. Warranty and repair
  3. Return/exchange process
  4. Jewellery care recommedations

All jewellery of the UMa&UMi brand is created using high quality materials and meets international standards. We are proud and carefully monitor the quality of UMa&UMi products, we do our best to make you happy with your purchase. If there is a reason why you want to exchange or return - we will provide such an opportunity.


If  item (without traces of manufacturing faults) did not suit the Buyer in size, colour, design or other reasons, it may be returned within 30 days of receipt of the product  (means the delivery of purchase to buyer).

Only new products in the original (branded) packaging of UMa&UMi are accepted for return or exchange, with all tabs attached to the product tags and without traces of the use of jewellery - in the same form in which the customer received the product. The presence of proof of purchase is mandatory (receipt, bank statement, order screenshot, etc.).

You can exchange the goods for same or greater price with a corresponding surcharge. In case of exchange for a product with a lower price, difference is not refundable.

What items can’t be returned:

  • personalized products and / or engraved products if the fact of existence of production defect is not confirmed;
  • products with any traces of wear - for hygienic reasons, including products without tags;
  • products that do not comply with the above rules;
  • promotional products and goods received by the Buyer as a complementary gift.



Silver and gold are soft metals that are prone to scratches on the surface during normal use and to slight deformation of the pins in the earrings, which is not faulty product. Children's jewellery - not toys, they are light enough, and, therefore, they should be worn carefully and in accordance with “jewellery care recommendations”. If within 24 months of receipt of the goods (means the purchase and delivery of goods to the buyer) the product is unusable due to an manufacturing fault  (confirmed by a specialist), the Buyer or the next owner of UMa&UMi jewellery is entitled  for refund (full or partial by gift certificate), replacement or repair.

The faulty product is considered to be: weak fastening of stones, locks and pins (in earrings), link joints, the presence of cracks in the metal, lack of enamel coatings (chips, cracks, swelling), asymmetry of products and fasteners.

Warranty service is possible in the presence of proof of purchase. Defective goods must be returned in the original packaging.

What is not covered by the warranty?

This warranty does not cover damage to UMa&UMi products caused by violations of the rules of operation, modification, attempted repair, careless use and non-compliance with the recommendations for the care of jewellery. Damaged goods that are considered to be the result of wear and tear will not be considered faulty / subject to warranty conditions.

IMPORTANT! Any direct contact with perfumes, creams, hair sprays, cleaners and other chemicals can adversely affect jewellery, cause darkening of silver and invalidate this Warranty, as darkening is not fault of the products and is not caused by damage or using low-quality materials in production.

NOTE: In the absence of a manufacturing fault, but when the jewellery has lost its  appearance due to active wearing or non-compliance with the recommendations for the care and use of jewellery, UMa&UMi may offer to repair or "refresh" the appearance of the product, which worn out (not in all cases: gross violations of the recommendations for the care and operation of jewellery are not taken into account). This service will be charged a fee that covers the cost of repairs and any other UMa&UMi costs incurred.


Step 1: send an e-mail to [email protected] with short description of the reason to confirm possibility of exchange/refund and assign an individual return number.

To expedite and efficiently process your request should provide:

  • a photo or short video that highlights the problem with the product as clearly as possible;
  • detailed information on where and when the product was purchased;
  • Your purchase confirmation (receipt / bank statement / order screenshot, etc.).

Step 2: After receiving your email, UMa&UMi representatives will contact you shortly to inform you about further actions and provide an individual return number.

IMPORTANT! Do not ship the item until you receive an individual return number.

Step 3: Carefully pack the product in the original (branded) packaging without damaging it. Don’t forget to include the individual return number provided to you. Make sure you use reliable parcel packaging, as the cost of the new, not faulty product will not be fully refunded in case of damage of the branded packaging.

Step 4: Items should be sent within 14 days from receiving of the return number.

PLEASE NOTE: If you return more than one item from the same order, please put all products in one package to avoid additional postage.

Step 5: The moment we receive your returned parcel it will be processed into our system and a notification email will be sent to you within 7 days

PLEASE NOTE! Unauthorized returns / exchanges (without receiving an individual return number) can be sent back to the sender. Returns received after the above time frame are accepted or not accepted solely at the discretion of UMa&UMi. Please note that UMa&UMi is not responsible for the cost of return delivery of goods, as well as the delivery of goods in the event of replacement of new items (without manufacturing defects).

The cost of direct and return delivery is paid by the buyer.

In case of warranty repair, the buyer is reimbursed for the cost of delivery. When processing your return, we may need to speak with you before we are able to complete the process. If we are unable to make contact with you within 14 days of receiving your item(s), we will return it to the delivery address linked to the order.

Step 6: For new items without manufacturing faults:

Full refund or replacement of a new item with another (from the range available) will be made within 14 days of receipt of the product by Head office or for a longer period (up to 30 days), with the consent of the buyer, if the items meets the above requirements.

For goods in need of repair, replacement or refund due to manufacturing faults (warranty service), and items in need of repair / renewal without faults (post-warranty service):

All repair work is carried out within 14 days from the date of delivery of the goods to the authorised dealer or no later than 30 days, with prior notice to the customer.

Refunds in full / in part or replacement of a faulty item with a similar new one of appropriate quality (if any) will be made within 14 days of receipt of the returned item or for a longer period (up to 30 days), with the consent of the buyer, after confirmation by a specialist the fact of the presence of a technical manufacturing fault.

NOTE: If the specialist confirms that the damage is not a technical manufacturing fault (warranty case) or the warranty period has been exceeded, then the jewellery will be covered by the Post-Warranty Policy maintenance - paid repairs. If the proof of purchase is not provided - jewellery will be considered to be outside the warranty period.

PLEASE NOTE! Enamel products cannot be re-coated with a layer of rhodium due to their fragility and special sensitivity to heat.



UMa&UMi jewellery is made of precious metals (gold, silver) can be enclosed with precious, semi-precious or synthetic gemstones, as well as covered with enamel and plated with rhodium or other types of coatings.

 UMa&UMi care tips will help you preserve the original beauty of your jewellery, so that they please their owners for as long as possible, as well as remain a reminder of your unforgettable moments.

We strongly recommend removing all jewellery:

- before bedtime;

- before taking bath, swimming.

- before any cleaning;

- before active games or sports.


Avoid hitting and contacting jewellery with any chemicals, such as perfumes, hair sprays, lotions and creams, sunscreens, detergents and direct sunlight, as they can discolour and destroy the surface of metals and inserts and accelerate the process of silver darkening.

Care of silver products (including rhodium and gilding)

Dulling (blackening, yellowing) of silver is a natural process that occurs due to contact with oxygen. UMa&UMi silver products are coated with rhodium (a precious metal of the platinum group), which protects and prevents dullness, as well as increases wear resistance, but over time, such a coating also sometimes wears out. Therefore, jewellery can become darker in colour. To minimize the risks, after use, store jewellery in the original UMa&UMi packaging (or in another proper box or in a soft bag), without touching each other (to avoid scratches), in a dry place and polish frequently with a soft polishing cloth to maintain the shine. A polishing cloth won’t remove scratches, so it’s important that you protect your jewellery.

IMPORTANT! polish jewellery in one direction, not in a circular motion! Do not use thin paper or paper towels, as they may scratch the product.

Care for gold jewellery

Gold jewellery is less prone to oxidation, but they, as well as silver products, should be protected from mechanical impact (shocks, friction with each other, etc.) and avoid contact with detergents and cosmetics.

Care of jewellery with enamel

UMa&UMi jewellery uses cold jewellery enamel. This material is quite durable, but enamel products (as well as any other jewellery) should be treated with special care, avoiding bumps, scratches, friction on metal surfaces and prolonged contact with water (otherwise the enamel may break off). Enamel should be wiped with a soft cloth (or a special polishing cloth for jewellery) and do not use chemicals and detergents that can affect the colour and durability of the coating.

Care of textile jewellery cords

If you need to clean the textile bracelet from dirt, we recommend using a soft sponge and soap solution with warm water, pre-insulating the jewellery element from precious metal.

It is not recommended to wear jewellery 24/7, as well as to leave children under 3 years wearing jewellery without adult supervision.