Braided Bracelet "Ballerina"

  • £44.95
  • £44.95

Bracelet  "Ballerina" is a small accessory that complements the image of a young girl. How much knowledge, skills and talents does the beautiful Ballerina have? She dances beautifully, loves music and believes in miracles. 

A graceful, light, beautiful Ballerina brings to life her beautiful dream - to express her feelings with graceful movements, through the poetry of dance. 

It is made of 925 sterling silver, plated with rhodium for added protection and decorated with bright polymer enamel. Swarovski cubic zirconia give the pendant a delicate shine and accentuate the beautiful jewellery. 

A nylon (jewellery) cord securely fixes the product on the hand and prevents loss, and also allows you to adjust the size.

By purchasing our jewellery, you get a ready-made gift solution with the following set inside: 

-  Gift bag with Greeting card for additional personalisation of the gift; 

- Quality guarantee and certificate, as well as recommendations for care; 

- A set of bright designer stickers with models from the collection.