Pendant "Pegasus"

  • £35.95
  • £35.95


The pendant on the "Pegasus" carbine from the "Fable Heroes" collection is a little story of the heroes of the magical land of gifts. 

Cheerful and bright images of fabulous animals embodied in jewellery will be a wonderful gift for a little princess. 

 "Pegasus" - a winged mythical character - flying in the sky with wind speed, cheerful, free, a symbol of creativity and inspiration, a symbol of beauty and magic. 

This small talisman combines the magical energy and power of a horse with the capabilities of a free bird. 

This is a wonderful gift for adults and children! The pendant is made of 925 sterling silver, plated with rhodium for added protection and decorated with bright polymer enamel. 

By purchasing our jewellery - you get a ready-made gift solution with the following set inside:

- Greeting card for additional personalisation of the gift; 

- Quality guarantee and certificate, as well as recommendations for care; 

- A set of bright designer stickers with models from the collection.