Pendant "Kitty"

  • £35.95
  • £35.95

Pendant "Kitty" is a small story of one of the heroes of the magic land of gifts. Funny and bright images of fabulous animals embodied in jewellery will be a wonderful gift for a little princess.

It is believed that animal figurines serve as a talisman to attract wealth and happiness. Miniature jewellery will become a kind talisman that brings good luck and will give bright and unforgettable emotions every day. "Kitty" symbolizes playfulness, good humour and independence.

A cheerful little prankster will give minutes of happiness, tune in to a positive wave, cheer up, drive away sad thoughts and make the day wonderful and amazing.

The jewellery is made of 925 sterling silver, plated with rhodium for greater protection and decorated with bright polymer enamel.

The pendant's bail has an inner diameter of 3.5 mm and will fit perfectly through a chain or jewellery cord.

By purchasing our jewellery - you get a ready-made gift solution with the following set inside:

- Greeting card for additional personalization of the gift;

- Quality guarantee and certificate, as well as recommendations for care;

- A set of bright designer stickers with models from the collection.